Under Armour Tactical Sunglasses

When one of the worlds biggest military and outdoor brands adds another product range to its collection it is an exciting time. And when these new products are strictly limited to just a select number of retailers it is even better. At Nightgear.co.uk the brand new Under Armour Tactical Eyewear has arrived and it has been an instant hit.

Under Armour comes to Nightgear.co.uk and boast fantastic quality bring a range of base layers, gloves and footwear that are perfect for anyone working in challenging conditions. As the weather brightens, Under Armour Sunglasses arrives at the right time and offers outdoors workers the opportunity to extend their quality gear by adding a pair of Under Armour Tactical sunglasses to their everyday must haves. Under Armour Tactical glasses are only available to a small number of retailers and Nightgear.co.uk is one of them. Under Armour is world renowned for providing technically advanced clothing and gear to keep you comfortable and safe in challenging and demanding environments, and with the new Under Armour Tactical Eyewear now available, you can enjoy premium quality with even more products. Under Armour Sunglasses feature excellent sun protection, ergonomic design for comfort and a subtle style.

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