Traser H3 Watches

Over forty years ago the first Traser H3 Watch was built perfectly meeting the MIL-W-46374F US Military Specifications and today it is one of the bestselling Military Watch brands available worn by thousands of armed forces globally. It was the first tactical or outdoor watch of its kind to have the luminous tritium lighting system which allows the wearer to see the illuminated time with perfect clarity in zero light conditions and is guaranteed to last for at least ten years without any charge.

Each Traser Watch is made to be highly durable against harsh impacts or falls as the various models are made using steel, titanium or carbon composite and with hardened sapphire windows giving anti-reflective and anti-scratch surfaces. The different collections are suited to different military forces offering Traser Aviator Watches, Traser Tactical Watches and Traser Special Forces Watches depending on your needs. All H3 Watches are also made with Swiss precision movements like no other for incredibly accurate time.

The extensive range of Traser H3 Watches are available to buy here at at the cheapest prices online with fast delivery options too ,so you can enjoy one of the best tactical watches you'll ever find.