Magnum Military Boots & Clothing

Magnum Military Boots & Clothing

Magnum came to life when the FBI had a need for lightweight and athletically constructed black high top tactical boots and after using the Hi-Tec Sierra Lite Hiking Boot since the early seventies they wanted Hi-Tec to manufacture them. The first Hi-Tec Magnum Boot was a massive success and quickly became a favourite not just for the FBI but also other law enforcement and security groups across the USA. As demand grew so did Magnum Boots and in 2001 they became their own brand dedicated to the manufacturing of the highest quality tactical boots available meeting the needs of emergency services and tactical forces across the globe in every feasible climate and terrain they may face. The specialist Magnum design team works closely with military forces, emergency services and close protection officers across the globe to test and develop each pair of boots in the situation they will be used in to ensure only the highest standards are met. Magnum also pioneered the revolutionary Ion-mask technology which expertly alters the molecular structure of a surface to repel all liquids by forcing them to bead and run off without any absorption. Magnum Boots, Magnum Patrol Boots and Magnum Police Boots, Jackets, Beanies, Fleeces, Bags and more are available here at Magnum now produce a range of footwear that is top quality, yet affordable and a common choice as footwear for the emergency services. Our black Magnum Police Boots and Patrol Boots are the most popular in the range, renowned for their solid construction, comfortable fit and durability. The all new Magnum Armadillo Shoes - They feature anti bacterial and pathogen resistant materials, memory foam insoles provides support, comfort and breathability, and the flip down heel means you can wear them as a shoe or a mule. This innovative piece of slip on footwear, also known as the Magnum Armadillo HPi shoe has been designed specifically for those needing a hygienic shoe such as nursing staff and those working in controlled environments.



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