For over twenty years Ansmann have been forging exceptional quality Ansmann Batteries, Ansmann Battery Chargers, Ansmann Torches and Ansmann Illumination products since their foundation by Edgar Ansmann. Focusing entirely on using the current technical developments, outstanding design concepts at the cheapest prices has led to amazing innovations in Ansmann Energy products.

Ansmann Products are ISO 9001 accredited, made from the most durable materials and designed with the highest level of function so that they can stand up to tough Tactical situations and last over a long time.

One of Ansmann's main areas of innovation is their Ansmann Torches and Ansmann Torch Accessories with provide technically advanced LED Lighting for superior illumination when you're in the field with toughened constructions that will hold up in harsh Military operations. You can buy the brilliant innovative Ansmann Torches and Ansmann Torch Accessories for cheap prices here at