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Under Armour is now established as the leading brand for base layers, thermals and gloves in hot and cold environments. Whether you are in training for the services, travelling overseas or keeping fit there will be something in the Under Armour range that is suited to your specific needs. Under Armour Tactical is an offshoot of the main brand that specialises in kit designed for tactical use, perfectly suited for military combat use thsi brand is going from strength to strength building on a reputation for top quality in sports clothing, to serve the armed forces and others working in tactical environments.

Underarmour Heatgear is a revolution for tactical use. These compression undergarments are designed specifically to pull heat away from the body, they have seams that reduce chafing, and wick sweat off the skin. Worn under tactical gear or sportswear they significantly reduce heat-build up in extreme environments. Under Armour have been extensively tested inthe field and are a confirmed favourite of many in the military and security services. Under Armour is one of the services best kept secret as although they are loved by those in the know, they are almost unheard of in the oustide world. This means that you get overwhwelmingly postivie responses when they are discussed, and their reputation is rightly growing.

Under Armour also make the Under Armour Coldgear. As the name suggests these garments are designed for the rigours of cold and extreme polar conditions. Long the favourite of sportsmen and women in the northern hemisphere, they have seen service in military operations too, for while they encapsulate body heat. Under Armour Coldgear also wick sweat away, so your heat is not sweaty and uncomfortable, like with conventioanl thermal undergarments. Underarmour, or UA as itâ??s often called, has always been recognised for providing some of the most effective and durable base layer clothing for all kinds of operations. From Under Armour Base Layers designed for hot weather conditions to colder days, Under Armour Online at offers something for everyone. The Under Armour Coldgear Base Layers are super reliable when stepping out for operations on a cold day by providing winning features including smooth and soft fabrics for total comfort, moisture wicking to keep you dry and double-sided fabric to circulate body heat keeping the warmth in, and the cold out. Under Armour Coldgear really does go above and beyond anything that other brands of base layers do â?? no wonder itâ??s a best seller.

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