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Merrell started life with the mission to get people up on their feet and get outside to enjoy the outdoors and quickly became the leading footwear brand for outdoor apparel and footwear. Their passion for their message resulted in Merrell designing and producing a range of shoes, trainers and boots perfect for facing any kind of terrain anyone might come across.

Merrell have expanded into every aspect of footwear for any surface by offering boots and shoes for hikers at all skill levels and always ensuring they have the most comfortable, supportive and protective Merrell Footwear conceivable. The technology Merrell utilise has resulted in durable materials that remain breathable and water resistant perfect for all climates. Merrell Boots also provide improved posture and alignment to reduce strain and increase a comfortable experience.

In recent years Merrell Barefoot Shoes were released offering trail runners the closest possible barefoot running experience while maintaining Merrell's trademark support and protection as well as giving you a true workout ensuring every muscle is used. You can buy the unrivalled Merrell Boots, Merrell Shoes, Merrell Trainers and Merrell Barefoot Running Shoes for the best prices online right here at